Citizens Against the Wall (CATW) oppose the proposed noise barrier along I-80 at Jeremy Ranch. The noise barrier will be 17 to 20 feet high and over 3200 feet long.  The noise barrier is proposed because of the planned truck climbing lane from Jeremy Ranch to Parley’s Summit.  

The reasons for our opposition are as follows:

  • The noise level increase projected from the climbing lane is 1 decibel (1 dBA)
  • An increase of 1 dBA according to UDOT is no perceptible change
  • Repaving alone will reduce noise levels enough to eliminate homes over 65dBA and the need for the wall in front of golf course
  • The noise barrier will impact more than 5000 neighboring residents every day by putting a blight on our open space and view shed
  • The noise barrier will impact all other Summit County residents and visitors traveling I80
  • The noise barrier will be the first visual impression of Summit County for those entering from the West
  • The vast majority of neighboring residents oppose the noise barrier
  • 2 dozen residents, or less, may benefit from the noise barrier and only they have a vote
  • A mere dozen could make the decision, based on UDOT’s balloting procedures
  • 99% of impacted residents will not receive a noise reduction 
  • There will be significant unintended noise consequences, more will be adversely affected than benefited
  • There are other, better solutions

But most importantly, the noise barrier does not comply with UDOT Noise Policy, Utah Administrative Code, or Federal Regulations (23 CFR 772).


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